Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Thank God for Friends!

We have had a very long break from school because of "snow days". Since we have barely had cold weather, we certainly didn't have any snow. So now we have all these wonderful days off where we get to sit around and stare at one another! Thankfully we had some friends that also didn't want to sit around and stare at one another- so we played. We've actually had a great time!

Last Friday, Betsy and crew came over on a nasty rainy day and the kids entertained us with a concert.

They were wild and very happy. Success!!!

Then yesterday was yet another snow day and we were able to hang out with some of our favorite people!

Sadly I didn't get a picture of Annie or Ms. Emily- but we had a great morning! Our long break was so enjoyable I am almost looking forward to summer. Did I just say that out loud??? ;)

Today, its rainy and icky outside. We do have big plans of going to Publix, though! Living the dream!!!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Dr. Seuss

This past weekend there were several events around town to celebrate Dr. Seuss' birthday and promote literacy. We are generally up for about anything free that may even remotely entertain the boys. This literacy event was pretty cute and there were a ton of volunteers on the floor reading with kids. We walked around to a few of the stations and played a few games. Nolan about jumped out of his skin with excitement when he saw that there was a place where he could play the violin.

He has always been drawn to this instrument. I played the violin for a very short time - in kindergarten- but I remember it clearly and I remember the recitals, and I remember how hidious it all sounded. Could I live through that again??? I just don't know!! ;)

Elliott also loved trying it out.

They let the kids pick out 4 books each and as we were leaving there was a creepy man dressed up and reading "If I Ran the Zoo". Elliott was totally into it. After he was done reading, Elliott ran up to the creepy man, handed him one of his new books, and proceeded to climb up on his lap.

Maybe we need to work on "appropriate fear of creepy men strangers"! ;)

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Welcome Spring!!

I am not sure if Spring is here to stay, or just here for a brief visit- but it is most welcome to stay as long as it would like! It has been a easy-breezy winter, but it's still been dreary, chilly, barren. I like the little colorful buds on the trees and bushes. I like hearing the happy birds. I like short sleeves. I do NOT like shorts, so you will most likely will not see a "Welcome Summer" post on here!!

We enjoyed a morning of walking and playing on bikes and scooters. It was good to be out and let the sun shine on our faces!!

Hope it's starting to feel like Spring wherever you are!