Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Dancin' Machine

Here are those dance moves that I promised. I shot another video but was dancing with him so the camera work is a bit shaky!! Rookie mistake! :)

11 Months

Yesterday Nolan celebrated his 11 month birthday by watching a lot of the inauguration. He is so politically aware!! :) He doesn't really agree with many (or possibly any) of President Obama's views but he thought that was a spectacular historical event. 

11 month milestones:
* Says Mama- but only under duress- like when he has lost the paci in the middle of the night or if he's in big trouble with Dad! :) If I ask him to say Mama he says Baba every time- he just won't give me the satisfaction! 
* He dances to music and has some killer moves! Video on that to come...
* Cruises on furniture
* Embraces new food like cheese, whole pears, bananas (finally!), and whole sweet potatoes
* Signs "More". Unfortunately he uses the same sign for "All Done". Just a tad confusing for me
* His hair has had a recent growth spurt. But I don't think that it can be seen by the untrained eye!

Hard to believe that he will be 1 next month. Mostly, I can't wait to turn that car seat around!!!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Everything... what Nolan is into! I do a lot of standing around- or should I say crouching around- to try to keep this active, fearless little boy in one piece. In the last two days we have has a bloody lip and a bit tongue. Good times.

Loves to pull as many books off the shelf as possible. So much fun for me! :)

This is the first time he pulled up on anything by himself. I was doing the dishes, looked over, and there he was standing. Very fun!!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

These Days

In case you have wondered what I am up to these days, I would like to kill your curiosity. Nolan is determined to learn to climb our stairs. I know it's a good for him developmentally, but I have to just stand there and watch and watch and watch so we don't end up in the emergency room. I have purchased a gate but am, for some reason, dragging my feet on baby-proofing our house. Not a plug has been covered, not a cabinet has been bound shut. I keep thinking that I can just house-proof Nolan, and maybe I will. No worries, the gate will go up when I can no longer stand around- but I will say, he is quite skilled. 

Get ready....

Get set...


Grandma is having a heart attack right now! :)

Monday, January 5, 2009

10 Months

I am trying to play catch up with my blog today. Unfortunately I am a moron and did the most recent post first. Oh well. If you are interested-or really bored- you can keep scrolling to see what we did this past weekend.

Any-whoo...on 12-20-08 Nolan turned 10 months old. Jerel and I keep talking about how freaky it is that we almost have a 1 year old little boy! I can't remember what we did that day but at least I remembered to take a picture to commemorate the occasion! Go me!


Here are some Christmas pictures. I feel like we had 2 whirlwind weeks of family and travel. My parents were here for Christmas. My brother, sister-in-law, and nephew came in the 26th (somehow I didn't take a single picture while they were here). We took my parents to the airport on the 30th and headed straight for Atlanta for Crusade's Christmas Conference (also no pictures- what is my deal???). So glad to be home and back to "normal".
This was round three of gifts. He seemed a little overwhelmed.

The lone gift that Jerel & I got him. It pained my heart to get him anything gator- but the toy was just so cute I was able to put aside my football fetishes. 

Dang skippy!!

Isn't this how everyone opens a gift??

Loving some time with Grandma. 

Welcome to Moe's!!

Proud and toothy!! 

This weekend Nolan had his first kid's meal. We went to Moe's armed with a "kids eat for free" coupon and hoped for the best. He was so great and loved the cheese quesadilla. I loved the diet coke that came with his meal and Jerel loved the cookie. This kid is almost saving us money!! :) Maybe we will venture out with him some more.