Sunday, May 15, 2011


We have been counting down the days until May would get here. May is when Greenville's downtown farmer's market starts back up. We have gone down every Saturday since I moved here. It was a little sad not to have Rockey with us- he LOVED going downtown and we were convinced that he would count down the days and would often wake us up if we dared sleep in (before children of course!). Yesterday we enjoyed a yummy breakfast and walking through all the beautiful art of Artisphere- out local art festival.

Not exactly the type of picture you want to put in a frame- but it's honestly the best I've got from the morning!

Elliott was captivated by all the art! :)

Then that afternoon we went out to a friend's 800 acre cattle farm for a Sunday School cookout. It was so quiet and beautiful out there. The boys had a blast.

Can we say H-E-A-V-E-N!!??

This child is fearless, especially where animals are concerned

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Common Bond

My children LOVE coffee. They come by it honestly- I didn't give it up for one minute during either pregnancy. I did drink less- but apparently I consumed enough to transfer a true admiration. The only problem is that I don't actually like to share! :)

PS- I am working on a Bathroom renovation update. I'll get it up eventually

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


E-bert is one the the 3,276 nick names that Elliott will answer to. I have no idea where or how I came up with it. All I know is that when I call "E-bert" he will come running. Kinda like a dog! :)

Elliott has recently turned 18 months. At his well check we found out that he is still huge. 29.15 lbs (97%) and 35.25 inches (100%). He's at such a fun stage of life, and yet things like "MINE" and "NO!!" have been thrown at us lately. Also, he is not afraid to throw a tantrum. Nolan has never been a tantrum thrower- as whiner, yes!- but not a tantrum thrower. So, I now get to be that mom in the store that other women look at and silently utter "Bless her heart". I am pretty sure the main reason we are parents is to be continually humbled. I digress...
I promise that I try to not let this child have his paci all the time...

But this is what happens when I take it away from him...

And sometimes I just need the peace...

And quiet.

"Please let me have my paci, Mommy!"