Sunday, December 26, 2010

White Christmas

Starting on Monday the forecasters were predicting snow for Christmas. My response- "I'll believe it when I see it." Lets just say, I am now a believer! :) We have had a very full and beautiful weekend.

Friday night before the Christmas Eve service (which, by the way, is CRAZY when you have two small children and it's a family service. I basically hung out in the hall with the other moms and dads of pre-two year old children. Elliott was not to be contained!) our former neighbors who love Nolan and Elliott as their own grandchildren, came over to do gifts. They know of Nolan's passion for all things John Deere.

He was so excited when he woke up from his nap to find this waiting for him. We are now the proud owners of a 6 ft. tractor and trailer. Jerel is counting down the days until it is warm enough to get this out of our play room. :) Nolan talks to it like it's human.

I thought that I had a picture of Elliott int he trailer. I will have to put one up later.

Our sweet Rocky- who has been really sick with chronic anemia- may be our last Christmas with him.

Nolan got a kitchen from my parents

Elliott got the cutest retro rocket from my parents. As you can tell, he is pumped!

This morning we were able to get out in the snow!

My little man started walking this past week!

He fell over, but was so cute down there that I had to get a picture!

Two seconds later he burst out in tears! He had enough!

We had a great time celebrating the birth of Christ. We made a coffee cake Saturday morning and put candles in it to sing happy birthday to Jesus. I confess, before I had children and I had other friends that did this, I thought it was really dumb! However, I want Nolan to begin to learn that Christmas is not all about the presents we open but about the true gift that Christ gave us when He came to this earth to become the ultimate sacrifice for our sins. THAT is what I look forward to teaching my boys in Christmases to come.

Hope you are your family had a great weekend as well!!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Most 14 month old babies try to get OUT of their cribs...

Not mine...

He tries to get IN...

Because he knows these are in there...

This is Raffi and Pop and Elliott is totally in love....

Too bad buddy, they have to stay IN your crib!!

Your Mean Mama!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Baby, it's cold outside!!

I have been a bad blogger lately. The truth is- it's been so cold out that we have gone nowhere, we have done nothing. So unless I post pictures of me and the boys in the playroom, there's just not much to talk about. However, we did go cut down our tree which we always try to do Thanksgiving weekend. It was a gorgious and very bright day, which is enjoyable, but bad for pictures. Above is Nolan being blinded by the sun.

My men cutting down our very cute tree.

Elliott watching their every move.

Bad, shadowed, two-year-old-not-looking-at-the-camera, family picture.

This is in front of one my neighbors house. Their yard is currently a BIG part of our lives. Nolan is fairly obsessed with the light display. The mailbox behind him is a faux mailbox that opens and closes when it's on. They turn the lights on around 5:30 and I swear Nolan knows the second it happens because he starts begging me to go see the mailbox. Many nights we drive down to see them because it is just so dang cold. The whole time he will say, "Oh Mommy, I am pretty excited!" How cute is that?? Today, however, it was warm enough the put layers and layers on and walk down. We were all so glad to get out. It is a trick to put mittens on small children/babies. I said about 236 swear words (in my head) as I was putting them on the boys. I think that's partly why we haven't gone out much. Once I have the socks, shoes, coats, vests, gloves and hats all on I am totally carnal. Maybe I need to work on that!! :)

Right now my mom is totally freaked out that I don't have their coats zipped up to their noses. Don't worry Mom, they were fine!! :)