Monday, November 19, 2012

Family Pictures

I am hoping to have time to catch up on the blog this week. Seeing as I currently have 15 minutes before rest time is over I am just going to post some pictures. We had a mini photography session a few weeks ago. I really wanted to capture this season of the boys lives. I might try to have professional pictures done every two years. It's more manageable to pay for a 30 minute session. Here are a few of my favorites.

This one pretty much sums it all up! ;)

I met to upload this in color. You'll just have to use your imagination!!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Haloween 2012

Hope you had a happy Halloween!! The boys had a great few days of parties and dressing up. My parents are here and our sweet friend Bernie came over to have dinner with us before the big candy-fest began. I was thankful that they were here to give out candy so that I could go out with Jerel and the boys trick-or-treating. We took Bailey with us, which she loved. Jerel and I would have done our whole neighborhood if we could- just to have been able to see all our neighbors. Alas, we had a very slow cowboy on our hands so we were only able to do two streets. And lets be honest, we needed no more candy!!!

Nolan was a Clemson baseball player, for which I have already received quite a bit of flack from my fellow Seminole-loving fans. I have to confess, a piece of me dies a little every time he wears Clemson- but I just don't know how much candy a FSU baseball player would get around these parts!! ;) Maybe I will dress him as Chief Osceola next year and let you know how it goes!!!

Elliott was a very sweet and dedicated cowboy who wanted to go into everyone's house. I seriously had to hold him back several times.

I didn't dress up- but have no fear. I carried that hobby horse and baseball mitt and good bit of the night!! 

The loot. Thankfully they didn't get too much that I just can't resist. We can probably get through all the Reese's peanut butter cups today- then I will be home free!!

Glad that I have 364 days to figure out what they will dress up as next year!!