Thursday, April 29, 2010

Baby's Daddy

What do you think? Any chance this man is my baby's daddy?? I say that Elliott is just a miniature version of Jerel! :)

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Prom & Power Tools

Yesterday I was able to be outside and use my camera a little. I love my camera, I just don't know enough about it really use the best setting for the lighting. I am going to make it a goal to read up and experiment. Nolan has been helping Jerel build a wooden swing set. I will post more about that later. That kid loves a tool. Any tool, but especially a power tool. Jerel does a great job of letting him help and shows Nolan how the tools work. There are times it makes me a little nervous, but that's just because I'm a mom, right? :)

Our neighbor, Anna, had her senior prom yesterday. Last minute I became their unofficial photographer. Nolan has a slight crush on Anna and therefore doesn't care for Sam much. I guess he sees him as competition! :) Aren't they so cute??

So, all in all is was a fun day of photography, but I need to study up! You all my free time!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Six Months!!

My sweet baby is six months old today. Honestly, it has gone really fast. I think it is because he is the second. I am telling you, during Nolan's first six months each day felt like a year! :) Elliott is still the sweetest thing ever. He eats and sleeps. A lot of each. He still has three solid naps that I feel like are going to be around awhile. However, he does not- I repeat- does not sleep through the night. He never has- I am beginning to think that he never will. He rolls over in the middle of the night at least once and plays. I have to get up and roll him over to stop the madness. He is loving baby food. It is refreshing to have a kid that just eats. He even eats things that I can tell that he doesn't like- but he doesn't want to put up a fight. Score!! :) Other highlights- he is almost sitting up, is mesmerized by Nolan, hates for me to leave him alone in a room, and smiles all the time (except for when i leave him by himself! :)). We haven't been to his 6 month check up yet so I can't give you the official stats, but the last time I checked he was 22.5 lbs. He KILLS me!!

Happy half- birthday bud. You are so fun!!

Monday, April 12, 2010

The Man!

Have I ever mentioned that I am married to the man?? My sweet, sweet husband took a week of vacation and worked really hard on our house. The very last piece of our kitchen that needed to be finished was the backsplash. Jerel doesn't love tile work, but he is really good at it. He did an amazing job and I love that I am married to a man that can do almost anything! Thanks babe!!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Happenings

I am sad to say that we did not even attempt to take a family photo while we were all gussied up this past Sunday for Easter. There was a little too much chaos, and then naps, and cooking, and eating, and more naps. Just imagine us all looking super cute! :) Nolan did have his first two egg hunts. The first one he only picked up three eggs. The second one, I gave him a pep talk and let him know that the kid who came home with the most eggs won! I think he caught on. :) Overall, Easter was a great day with the family to celebrate the resurrection of our Lord!

"Mom, please stop making me stare into the sun!!"

I wish that I could say that this was Nolan taking off to get the eggs, but I am pretty sure someone yelled "Cookies!". Maybe his competitive spirit will kick in by next year.

Chillin' after his bounty!
Egg hunt #2

Elliott was taking it all in stride

Friday, April 2, 2010

Sweet Little (big) Guy

I feel like I did such a good job of keeping up with Nolan through the blog and have not done so well with Elliott. If I didn't have a blog to look back at I would have no idea what happened when. I am going to try to do a better job of keeping up with sweet Elliott. He is now 5 1/2 months old (it has gone so fast) and such a joy. He ADORES his brother and has gotten pretty excited about Rocky lately. We have started food and so far so good. I am finally able to put him in the nursery at church- having a baby at the beginning of cold and flu season is rough! We are still at three naps a day, an hour and a half each. Sometimes we have to throw in a 4th cat nap to get through dinner time. I am so house bound because of all these naps, but I am telling you, he is nowhere near dropping one of them. Oh well, it's not forever.
He has embraced a "lovie". I am pretty sure I have this exact same picture of Nolan. :)

I can not leave the room if this kid has a blanket or burp cloth any where near him. Within about a minute he will have pulled it over his face and leave it there. I am afraid that he is going to suffocate but he loves having things over his face. Strange, I know!

He is at that stage where he grabs his feet and rolls around. I love this stage!! :)