Friday, August 27, 2010

First Date

This week Nolan and I went on our first date. He had an orientation at school to meet his new teacher. I think Ms. Pam is going to be a great fit for him. He will be going two morning a week and we are SO ready! I really think that I am going to flourish as a mom of school-aged children. I honestly look forward to being as involved in their schools as I can be. Just a few more years! :)

Self-portrait before we headed out the door. This was my 4th attempt and by this point I was getting frustrated and sweaty! It was a real dilemma of whether to post a picture where I look good but Nolan has a mouth full of food, or to go with a really cute one of him and a rather shiny one of me. He won out!! This is about him, right?? :)

So, after orientation I took him to Dunkin' Donuts for his first ever doughnut and some fun coffee. The child is obsessed with coffee. It take total responsibility for that- I never quite gave up my own addiction while pregnant. He comes by it honestly! Anyway, I had really low expectations because he generally won't try new foods- even sugary treats. He did great though. I let him pick out the one he wanted- with frosting and sprinkles of course. At first he wouldn't touch it- so it sat on the table and he licked the fun stuff off.

Eventually he did pick it up. Victory!! If your child does not have texture issues you need to thank the Good Lord above!!! It is a challenge to say the least but we continue to make small steps in the right direction!

After DD we headed to the library to pick out some new books. I have to be honest, I have still not mastered the art of the library with him. Usually I am trying to look at books (and there are some really strange juvenile books out there I might add!!!) and he is running laps while laughing loudly between the different aisles. Yep, I am apparently THAT mom!! I try to threaten and regain control, but I am afraid to admit that I have- up to this point- lost the battle. I think I need a new library strategy.

All in all it was a great morning with my big two and a half year old! I love when I get to really focus on just him and am looking forward to many more dates!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Dear Elliott;

I am so sorry that your Mama is such a slacker. I know that you turned 9 months old five weeks ago, and I know that any significant event that involves going to the doctor and getting 2 shots deserves a blog post, and I know that I faithfully documented every month of your brothers life on the exact day of his milestone. But the thing is- I had NOTHING else to do!! So, if you are reading this when you are old enough to understand- please know that I love you so much, but I am tired!! :)

You Slacker Mom

9 month stats:
26 lbs. + 30.5 inches = a huge baby!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Frankie Says Relax

I think that Nolan channels my deep inner love for the 80's. Our neighbor Anna gave Nolan these sunglasses and he is SERIOUS about these things. They live in the car and the second he gets in his seat he puts them on and when I open the car door to get him out he carefully takes them off, folds them up, and sets then on the armrest. Rock on dude!!