Monday, October 22, 2012


 Somehow this sweet baby

 turned into this sweet THREE year old yesterday!!

 We had the traditional senior citizen party (where you have to be over the age of 65 to be invited)

 where he was showered with gifts.

 We ate dinner, sang happy birthday,

 blew out a candle,

 and loved on this goofy boy,

by giving him lots of animals!! It was a great two days and I think he felt celebrated!

We love you Elliott! You are the perfect completion of our family. You are smart, funny, and independent. Your favorite person is your big brother- even when he tries to be your third parent! In general I dread the age of three, but I am naively hopeful that you will break the trend and be a non tantrum throwing delight!! Even if you throw a tantrum daily- we will still love you to the moon and back!  Happy Birthday buddy!!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Soccer Mom

Well, it had to happen sooner or later. I have become a soccer mom. Or at least, I have a kid in soccer, I drive a van, and I go to the practices/games (or whatever you want to call a bunch of 4 and 5 year olds chasing a ball around a field). That potentially is the exact definition of a soccer mom...but I haven't taken snacks yet, so I don't think it's official!! :)

We decided to go with the city league and it has been perfect for this age/stage of life. It is one hour a week for 8 weeks. The first three weeks was introducing them to the ball and the last 5 weeks consist of practice and a scrimmage. Nolan loves it and has NO idea what is going on 95% of the time. We laugh a whole lot!

Here are a few choice pictures to commemorate this period of our lives.

 Here is where he scratches his head in confusion...

 Here he is actually kicking the ball towards the goal (didn't go in btw)...

 Here is where we would name him Crazy Hair if we were Native Americans...

 Here he looks like he is focusing and paying attention (not a normal shot)...

 Here he appears to be kicking the ball IN THE WRONG DIRECTION!!!

Here he is laughing off the whole "wrong direction" thingy...

 Here he is shoving a sweet little girl out of the way. Soccer is a full contact sport, right??

 Here he is sweaty and needing to go to bed!!!!

 And this is how little brothers survive soccer practice...

 They play on the ipad. Welcome to 2012!