Thursday, July 14, 2011

My Hygrometer

A Hygrometer (UK: /haɪˈɡrɒmɪtə/) is an instrument used for measuring the moisture content in the environmental air, or humidity. Humidity is difficult to measure accurately. Most measurement devices usually rely on measurements of some other quantity such as temperature, pressure, mass or a mechanical or electrical change in a substance as moisture is absorbed.

Well, I don't need no fancy hygrometer- I have Nolan's head. And apparently we were at 100% humidity today! :)

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Our 4th

We went into the weekend having no real plans but ended up enjoying a great holiday as a family and with friends.
We headed to the pool early to beat the crowds and secure an umbrella for our stuff. Nolan jumped off the diving board 379 times. Ok- probably not literally.

Elliott and I sat on the sides cheering him on and eating Goldfish!

We ate lunch then then came home in time for the boys to crash. Always a glorious event!! Then we went over to our friends house for a cookout and games. We really had so much fun.

I made this glorious fruit pizza- and I do mean glorious!!!

There was a seed spitting contest-

I love that the dad's are down there showing them how to get it done.

Then there was a egg race and water balloon throwing contest.

 The next 3 shots are classic Nolan-

We then did fireworks on the driveway. Nolan wanted no part of the fire and noise while I had to fight to keep Elliott out of it. Such is my life!! :)

It is such a blessing to celebrate FREEDOM with these boys and our continual prayer is that they will one day come to appreciate the freedom that we have as American citizens but ultimately the freedom that is offered to them though Christ. We hope you were able to have a great holiday as well!

Friday, July 1, 2011

A Faithful Friend

Meet Giraffe- he is a faithful friend indeed!
 He apparently loves to swing-

Enjoys snacks while watching Wimbledon-
Is a lovely dinner guest-
Plays hide-n-seek (or at least I assume that is what is going on here)-
Cools off in the kitty's (aka Bob or Patches, depending on who you ask) water bowl-
 He also joins us at the pool, in the car, at Publix, Home Depot, Trader Joes and Costco. He would like to go to church and the gym, but I have to cut him off at some point! :)