Sunday, December 25, 2011

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

My Halls are Decked- sort of

Mainly- the only Christmas decor we have is our Christmas tree. Ok, there are stockings on the mantle but that is seriously it. I keep thinking that I need to add to our repertoire but I feel pretty spent- literally- after Christmas when everything is on sale. The up side it that it doesn't take me long to get "everything " out! :)

Our first Christmas together we found a cute tree farm not far from here where we can hunt and kill our very own tree! We have gone back every year since. I really hope that the boys love this tradition as they grow up.

The lighting wasn't great for a picture, but this is real life people!! :)

Went on a hayride

More real life bad lighting :)

Ta-dah!! Decorated!!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Christmas Picture Fail

I have decided that taking the "perfect" family photo for the Christmas card -when you have a two and three year old- is not for the faint of heart. My mom came in town for a few days so I figured I would have her take the picture. Easy breezy, right? Not really.

First, because it's the first day of day light savings you have to figure out the best time for lighting. Second, you have to coordinate outfits so that everyone goes together without being matchy- matchy.  Third, you have to get everyone up from their rest/naps, and get them into said attire. Then you have to drive 20 minutes out to Furman University because you know it's really pretty and have gone there with the professional photographer a few times (which just doesn't fit into the budget this year) so you think you know all the hot spots. Finally, you need to REMEMBER YOUR CAMERA BATTERY that is sitting on the charger at home!!! Ugh, so frustrating. Everyone (Jerel) was very kind and not irritated with me at all. I discovered that I have my very old and pathetic point and shoot in my purse, so we thought- what the heck. Maybe we will get the magical photo with this sad camera. Que laughter! The battery on that camera is shot and only takes a few photos and dies. So, here are the highlights!

I did learn a few things during this failure of a trip.
1) I didn't like the boys in their vests- just didn't work
2) My photographer Susan should charge more for all the babies and families she photographs
3) If we didn't take a Christmas card photo, it would save me time and money in the end.

So, I was ready to quit the whole thing, but my sweet husband encouraged me to try again. We went back out last night- took 140 pictures and I feel good about two of them...

I am sure that I can make one of these work. Any votes?

In other news- we had my sweet friend Anna and her family stay with us over the weekend. They were in town for a wedding. I love when worlds collide like that. We were in China together and now she lives in Virginia. I didn't get a picture of us- but how dang cute is her son???

My boys loved having Henry here. He is non stop and full of fun!

Also, I finally took N & E for a haircut. This was Elliott's first cut- so it had to be documented! He did great and looks like such a little man now!

Ok- that should about cover it for now! Congrats if you stayed though the whole thing!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Dear Fall:

I love you so much. Please don't leave us!

I finally have him pulling for the right team!

Nolan took this picture. I wish that I could photo shop in some makeup and out some wrinkles! :)

Bob Cat

Monday, October 31, 2011

In Case of an Emergency...

Give me a call and I will send my crew on over!

Elliott in typical 2 year old fashion wanted nothing to do with dressing up- as the pictures will reflect. I think once he realized that there was candy involved he quickly warmed up to the whole idea!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Elliott's 2!

Friday, my sweet Elliott turned 2. My baby is growing up and I love to watch who he is becoming! We had a small "family" party and it was a great day. The theme was firetrucks which I enjoyed doing little details to make it all come together. My hat is off to you moms who can pull off huge birthday parties for your little ones. We were all exhausted yesterday and literally laid around all day recovering! :) Maybe it gets easier as the older they get. Somehow I am doubting it! Ok- onto a million pictures!

He's ready for the big party. First we started with presents. I only get our boys one thing because they get PLENTY from everyone else. Jerel and I are going to clean out/ organize the play room this weekend.

 Sweet Annie and Emma Kate

 Nolan was a excellent big brother and a huge help with the presents

 A fire truck- of course!

 Nolan gave him binoculars and Elliott loves them. Notice how they are backwards and up side down. I am pretty sure that is how he will always use them. That's just how Elliott rolls! 

My mom sent him a huge Richard Scarry book that both of the boys LOVE. They are actually looking at it right now as I am doing this!

Next we moved outside to smack around a pinata. That was one stubborn bull!

 We had to bring in adult male reinforcements!

Us-1, Bull-0!
Then we came in to eat yummy Gumbo- no pictures included and had cake.

 So...the cake. Cute, right? I ordered the topper off of etsy about a month ago. I got it on Tuesday with his name spelled wrong. I was sad and the lady who made it was so sad that she made a mistake. She was going to overnight me another T but I decided that it would just look silly, so she refunded me the price and gave me credit for another free one whenever I want to use it. She was so nice about the whole thing. Now it's just a funny story! :)

 He loved being sung to.

 I made Fire truck cookies as party favors. They turned out fairly cute but were a major labor of love!

We love you buddy and hope you had a great birthday!!