Thursday, January 13, 2011

Death by Cabin Fever

Today is day 4 of being shut in because of 6 inches of snow and ice. I have osculated between being ok with it all and wanting to run through my icy streets screaming because I just can't handle being in this house one more second! I try to remind myself how beyond thankful I am that we have not lost power. When I can keep that perspective it helps me have a better attitude!

Monday morning when we woke up everything was covered in soft beautiful snow. We got the boys out to just walk around and my neighbors grandchildren were coming out and building a ramp on their front steps. They were so kind to invite Nolan over to play. He had an absolute blast!

Notice the fancy pink boots?? I tried to buy some rain boots on Sunday and every shelf in Greenville was wiped clean! My sweet friend Emily came to our rescue and Nolan just loves that he is wearing Annie's boots- he could care less about the color! I am learning that snow is just going to be a part of our lives a few days a year and I need to go ahead and invest in the equipment.

Elliott was happy to just sit in the wagon and watch Nolan sled. Jerel works from home, so even though we were shut in he had to still work. Thankfully he took some time on Monday to play with us.

So, we have survived, but I am READY to get out of here! So are the boys. Next week should be much better!! Here's to hoping!

Friday, January 7, 2011

A Sad Day

Today we had to say goodbye to Rocky- and it has been a sad day. The doctors felt like his organs would begin to shut down by this weekend, so we decided to put him down before he began to suffer. We have been trying to fight this auto-immune battle for the past 7 months and finally lost. We are so thankful for each day we had with him.

Right after Jerel and I married (July 2006) we talked about wanting a dog, but really didn't know what to get. At the time I was working in Atlanta and he was working in Raleigh and we were just gone way to much for a dog. In the meantime I had met my friends David and Meg's dog Bocci- who was a Wheaten Terrier and loved him. Jerel also randomly met Bocci and thought he was so cool. We researched the breed and were interested but had heard that they are not always great with children. We knew that we wanted children and because of traveling we were still in no place to get a dog.

In February 2007 we found out that we were pregnant (oops!!). Jerel had been planning on taking me to New York for Valentines day. Our first morning there we were getting ready to explore the city and I had on the movie Rocky III while we were getting ready (I love the Rocky movies). As we were leaving the hotel my friend David called me. I also worked with David and figured if it was a work-related phone call I was unavailable. I listened to his message and called him back immediately. He and Meg had been fostering another Wheaten Terrier for the weekend through their vet and was looking to find this sweet dog a good home. Because I was newly pregnant I 1)knew that my travel schedule was going to drastically change and 2) was a little nervous that this dog would not be great with babies. Good news- David and Meg had a new baby and this dog so gentle and licking their baby's feet. The vet said that I could come down to Athens and take the dog for a 2 week trail if I would like. As we are walking through the streets of NY and I am on the phone, I ask the name and am told that his name is Rocky. Since we were watching the movie 5 minutes earlier we took it as a sign and told him we would come take the dog the next weekend. 25 minutes into my 2 week trial with Rocky I knew he was our dog! A week later I found out that I was miscarrying the baby and sweet Rocky was some of the balm that helped heal my broken heart.

Sadly, I don't know if we will ever be able to replace him. He was AMAZING with our children. He did not shed, hardly ever barked, never chewed on the kids toys, and only ever had two accidents in our house (which were actually our fault). We would take him down town with us every weekend and he was famous. He loved to greet people and people loved to pet him. He will be missed by many!