Monday, May 31, 2010

Picture of the Day!

Happy Memorial Day...this picture made mine!! :)

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Poor Rocky

Elliott squeals with delight every time he sees Rocky. Rocky wants NOTHING to do with Elliott. Have no idea why...

Friday, May 14, 2010

Off The Charts

I was finally able to get Elliott to his 6 month well check- now that he is almost 7 months. I was pretty sure that he would be off the charts- and I was correct. He weighs in at a whopping 23.9 lbs. (which is 1 oz. less then Nolan at 1 year!!) and is 29.5 inches long. I have been worried that his doctor would be concerned about his weight but she assures me that he is just a big boy and one day soon he will crawl those chubby legs off. That is going to be A LOT of crawling!! :)

He has had a few milestones this week. He has cut his first two teeth- which according to all the crying was quite painful. He is also now rolling both ways and getting fairly stable with sitting up. Now that he is rolling over completely we are going to make him cry it out at night. Good luck to us!! But lets face it- my 7 month old HAS GOT TO learn to sleep through the night. I am looking forward to that.

Seriously- he is going to crawl away those rolls??

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Recent Happenings

People keep asking me what all is going on with us, and my general reply is "not much", which is a good thing mostly. The boys are healthy and doing really well. It seems like all the regular semester activity are wrapping up and summer is beginning. To be honest, I don't love summer during this stage of life. There is no wednesday night dinner at church, no bible study, no pre- school, just a lot of stay at home time. For someone who spent 11 years going somewhere every summer- often overseas- and being on a team, this has been a really hard adjustment. However, I am going to try to invite a ton of people over for play dates while Elliott naps and get out as much as possible. Anyone want to come play??

Nolan's favorite thing is to have his "Wocky under bed". And sweet Rocky often obliges. The other day Nolan got under the bed with him. I love the look on Nolan's face!

And this is the beloved swing set. I love it. I did a ton of research and this one just seemed the sturdiest for the money. Jerel did an amazing job putting this together almost all by himself in a week. Nolan was a faithful little helper and tells us every night that he helped daddy with the swing.

I love that Nolan wanted to push Elliott. May you two become the best of friends!!

I would like to label this picture "I am fat"! (and cute!!)

I adore this kid!!