Thursday, April 30, 2009

Picnic at the ranch

I should be working (I am still processing staff applications for Crusade) but I really need a brain break. So, I am catching up on the blog. If you scroll down there is another new post. 

This past weekend we had a picnic with our sunday school class. One of the girls' family has a 800 acre ranch here in Greenville. The weather was beautiful and it was so fun to watch all the kids play. Nolan loved it, but he has grass issues. He can't stand touching it with his hands. So every time he fell, which was all the time (see below post) he would cry until we helped him up. He was a trooper for the most part!

Oh, we found a house and will close somewhere between May 13th and 29th. Here's to packing!!

14 months

Ten days ago, Nolan turned 14 months. I at least remembered to take pictures. 
Milestones...ummm, we are all still alive! :) 
He now RUNS everywhere, which means he is still falling just as much. Apparently walking is overrated.
He started saying "uh-oh" again, which is really encouraging. He was wordless for months after he had been saying uh-oh, mama, & dada. 
He is now in size 6 shoes. 
He growls at me when he is mad. Nice.
He will eat cheese toast, but now no bananas. Oh well. 
He's into EVERYTHING. I can't keep him out of the trash can and toilet. I know, very sanitary! My house constantly looks like a storm hit it. I just can't keep up.
He plays ball with Rocky, and it is so cute! They really love each other. 

Here's to making it another month!
Sweet face, don't you think? He was growling at me. 

This is currently his all time favorite toy. He really tries to sweep and empty the pan into the trash can. I wish his skill level was a little higher! :)

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Important dates...

As I have said, I feel like life has been too busy to blog. Here are a few dates that are on my calendar that will explain why.

This is the day that we close on our house. We decided the beginning of February to put it on the market and just see. We knew that it was a really bad time in the world of economy to sell, but we figured that we had nothing to loose. We didn't have to sell by any means, but as we looked down the road we just figured that we would want to sell at some point. The house was totally renovated and up to date, so no time like the present. We had a few crazy offers and sold in 8 weeks. We now have 6 weeks to find another house and get out of this one. You know, they say that this is a buyers market, but as a buyer it doesn't feel like it is our market. Maybe it's just difficult to decide when you hope this to be your "forever" home. I will keep you posted as soon as we get another house. I just don't want to live in an apartment if at all possible!

This is the day that we are suppose to meet Nolan's sibling. :) We found out the end of February that we are expecting baby #2. This for sure motivated us even more to sell our house. We thought that we would like the kids to be close in age...this may be a tad closer than we thought, but are very excited. I am 12 weeks and doing fairly well. I think that with the second one you just don't have time to think about the exhaustion or sickness. I am trying to rest when I can and PRAYING that I can avoid bed rest this time around. I am pretty sure that I am days away from having to embrace maternity clothes which is such a bummer- and seems so early! Everything I have from Nolan was for winter. Ummm...a maternity swimsuit should be really attractive on me!

So, between showing our house, trying to find a house, resting when possible, and getting dinner made the blog has been forsaken. I will try to get back into the swing of things soon. Until then here are a few bonus pictures of the little man!
Ok- not the best picture but they were playing catch in the morning- and it was just really cute!

I am starting to think I need to get this kid a helmet. One minute, happily walking along, the next minute- wham- he falls into a drawer.

He was eating my cereal and cracking me up!