Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Stuff, Stuff, & More Stuff

Nothing too major going on so I will just update you through pictures. Lets face it, you keep coming back for the pictures anyway!! :)

We go downtown every Saturday morning to get breakfast and shop at the farmer's market. If I have said it once, I have said it a million times, we LOVE our downtown! After Nolan had been cooped up in his stroller for hours we finally let him out to play in the fountain. He was soaked, and happy!

On a different Saturday the city brought down vehicles for the kids to climb on. There was a fire truck, city bus, huge tractor, police car, and this was a army hummer. The lines we so long- this is the only one we we had to patience to wait for.

Last week I taught VBS at church. The very thought makes me laugh. After 11 years of college ministry, 9 year olds are not my specialty. Never the less, they really needed teachers and I was available. I had 3rd graders. 11 boys and 5 girls. No one died! :) Nolan, however, loved being in the nursery every morning, which is really making me contemplate one or two days of pre-school for him next year. He is just so stinkin' social!!

Happy 16 months buddy!!

A few days ago I got out all my old Fisher Price toys, cleaned them up, and passed them onto to Nolan. I loved these toys. There is the airport, McDonalds, Sesame Street, farm, and fisher price village. I played with them for hours and hours as a child. Before anyone lectures me, I KNOW that the little people are technically too little for Nolan to play with (says today's current safety codes)- but I figure if my brothers', myself and many cousins all survived them somehow Nolan too will survive. :)

Happy Father's Day!!! This little guy is obsessed with his daddy. When Jerel is around there is no substitute! I can't blame him, he is an amazing dad and husband...I too am fairly obsessed!! :)