Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter!!

First off, I have not met to be absent from blog world- but blogger kept telling me that I had too many pictures on and that I would have to start paying- which aint happening!!! But, I thought I would give it another shot tonight- and ta-dah!! We had a great day celebrating our risen Savior . I had a hard time keeping it together in church this morning because I am just so thankful!!! I can't believe He would die for ME!! Anyway, after church we came back to the house and had lunch with Gigi and Papa (Jerel's parents) and Berne. The kids were spoiled rotten with candy- and now we must figure out a way to get this out of my house!!! :)

I was determined to get a family Easter picture. Why do I do this to myself?? I end up angry and yelling at the kids to "JUST SMILE". There was even bribing that didn't go all that well. Alas, this is what we came up with.

Happy Easter. May you too be overwhelmed with the goodness of the Lord!

I was working on getting the settings right on my camera and was having Nolan stand in for me. This is how he poses- on his own, no prompting from me. He thinks he belongs in GQ :)

Seriously- this is the best of the best. At what age am I not going to want to hurl things at my children during pictures?? ;)


Betsy said...

blogger did the same thing to me for a while about the pics. i deleted a few from my picassa albums and that seemed to do the trick. who knows?
i love you and your sweet family. and your family pictures are great. those will be your favorite ones when the boys are all grown!

The Noonan's said...

GQ Nolan is too cute for his little green breeches. and Yep - I think I can't wait to see all of you in person this very week and my very own house...too good to be true!!!

Rachel @ Moments With My Miracles said...

I love you Sarah. That's all! Oh, and GQ Nolan is to die for:)!

Anonymous said...

You have such a sweet family and the boys are just precious.....having Grandma Camp in July....send the boys!!
Kinsey Farms

Wynand Lubbe said...

My friend belief me you are blessed with a family like that. Thank you for sharing it with us.